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Saturday, 18 February 2012

my bestie :)


Nk taw spe dy ny , nme dy syaza syazana bt sabri , one of my best buddy , dy skrng da pindah ckola da , tpy muniey syg kn dy sgt-II kt dy , kebahgiaan dy kebahagiaan muniey jg :) , muniey  gelak je lau ngn dy . .
heehehe , thats y i love her . .

dy ny , name dy , nadila nadiah bt nadzri , she is my best sister ever , bgy yg epy n ckup sporting , muniey syg dy , skrg tinggal dy sorang je kt satu ckola ngn muniey  :)

hehehe , ny ank muniey , hahaha just kidding , bdk  ny nme dy fakhriah bt muhyiddin , or pngilan mne dy ariey , hehehe , dy pun x pindh jg , huhuhu , muniey sedeyh btol , n i really miss her :)

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